Typically, a summer “to-do” list consists of planning a vacation, possible home renovations, swimming, and catching some sun. Therefore, as a business owner, its vital to remain current with marketing trends so that your money can be working FOR you while you indulge in these activities.

The foundation for thriving this Summer should consist of hiring a copywriter (if you do not have one already). Content is king, and the demand for copywriters is going to increase by 7.6% within the next 4 years – so snag a good copywriter NOW! You will need their expertise to navigate this summer’s marketing trends. 

Let’s explore 5 marketing trends that will keep your business thriving this summer.

1.      3D Imaging and AR for e-Commerce Audiences

If you are not familiar with the Metaverse – gain some understanding of it, here. The Metaverse is literally going to change the way that we interact by leading us into a virtual world of business and marketing. 

By incorporating 3D imaging and AR into your e-commerce business now, you are giving your products a headstart at reaching the audiences who are already “Metaverse intrigued” and “AR invested”. Be sure to get a copywriter who remains ahead of the technology curve to provide you with the corresponding content to turn that audience into viable leads – and ultimately increased revenue.

2.     Enhanced Video Marketing

Want to get people excited about the products or services that you provide while displaying the culture of your company? Get your camera or videographer ready! Video marketing has become increasingly popular since COVID-19 and has proven to deliver higher conversion rates when used in social media ads.

So, if you’re still a part of the small percentage of businesses who are NOT taking advantage of video marketing – don’t get left behind. Enhance your video marketing strategy now!

3.     Shoppable Links

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be redirected a million times when they’re online shopping, and they definitely don’t want to lose their place on a website while multi-tasking. How do you overcome these challenges by easily moving the customer to where they need to go?

Shoppable links – shoppable links allow consumers to remain where they are and make a purchase. Instagram and Facebook’s shoppable link features have completely changed the face of online shopping – use these features to your business’ advantage!

4.    Leveraging Content Creators as Brand Ambassadors


If you would like to become a leader within your industry of business this summer – leverage the audience of a content creator to be a brand ambassador for your business. From podcasts, to vlogs, and even a simple social media post, content creators can easily take your awareness to another level without spending tireless hours on keyword searches and relying on marketing content alone.

5.     Podcasting

Consumers who may be too busy to watch videos or read a ton of content in order to get to know who you are and what you have to offer rely on podcasts to be entertained or gain insight. 

With a 25% increase in podcasts listeners from 2020 to 2021 this audience is slated to increase even more by the end of 2022. Whether it’s a short interview with a well-known podcaster in your industry or starting your own – grab a mic and start talking to the audience you’ve been missing out on.

As we continue to keep a close watch on emerging trends throughout the year – you can minimize your list of missed opportunities by keeping your business in line with these trends. You can also maximize your company awareness and conversion rate by implementing these things into your marketing strategy.

Schedule a consultation with The Ynobe Brand to get ahead of the summer marketing trends. Check back next week as we highlight “How to Appeal to Millennials and GenZers in Marketing”.


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