From Kentucky to New Mexico and across the ocean to Tbilisi – I have identified the top 5 NFT artists that you should know and invest in now! The NFT market is constantly expanding and rising NFT artists emerge daily. With an estimated 250,000 people trading NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace alone, investing in NFT art is more than a “trend”. We are experiencing the future of art collection and creative expression in real-time.

Therefore, to pay homage to the NFT community whom I love and expose NFT investors to digital art with the best creativity and ROI – I will be featuring 5 artists each month that you should keep your eye on and your virtual wallet open to.

Sports fans, free-thinkers, dreamers, colorful personalities, and art collectors all over the world, allow me to introduce this month’s featured NFT artists.

1.    Mike Gyamfi – Fred Kerley Project   

Mike Gyamfi hails from the Greater Hamburg area and is a force to be reckoned with in the NFT sports trading card space. His specialty is assisting professional athletes with the launch of their own NFTs and trading cards. Mike uses his passion for sports and trading cards to fuel his artistic expression and business model. Mike, alongside his business partner Sandra Ieva create collections that embody the essence of classic trading cards while incorporating small futuristic aspects that make his digital art come to life.

The sports memorabilia area is rapidly evolving with digital collectibles such as these with a projected $2 billion to be generated this year alone – according to analysts from PR Newswire. With the sports industry opening more doors to NFT investment opportunities, now is the time to get out your digital wallet and shoot the winning shot for your favorite player on the blockchain.

2.    Mel Hearts – Dark Arts Project

Mel Hearts is a multi-faceted art goddess from North Carolina who not only masters digital art but also allows her creativity to flow through photography and various other creative outlets. Mel’s ability to bring magical beauty to art that is hidden in plain sight sets her apart and creates her own individual lane of creativity. Her latest collection “Dark Arts” was a fan-welcomed change from her lighter collections such as “Galaxy Soup” and her animated meditation collection “Magiscapes”.

Utility NFTs like Mels are becoming increasingly popular among investors according to Cryptonews because they deliver more than just a digital asset. Mel’s ability to display versatility and a unique eye for beauty, depth, and soul demonstrates the power behind her art. For investors seeking utility in their next NFT investment – Mel Hearts IS the utility.

3.    TheArtOfMann – eVolve Project

TheArtOfMann’s eVolve collection is a continuation of the dEmon_scribbles collection which featured 256 16 x 16 corresponding to the Franklin’s Magic Square. The dEmon_scribbles were vector-based rough sketches focusing on the mythology and symbology of each demon representation from international folklore. The eVolves literally EVOLVED into a more refined, ongoing story comprised of digital paintings.

TheArtOfMann presents investors with great utility NFT by delivering a third and final piece which will be made by printing the eVolves at 18 x 24 and mounting them on wood panels. This “phygital” (physical and digital) experience of art renders the best ROI for new collectors who are transitioning into the NFT collector space and still want to adorn the walls in their home with valued art pieces.

4.   Levan Amashukeli – Dreamhunter Project

Levan Amashukeli is a 3D sculptor and digital art genius from Tbilisi, Georgia. His most recent collection Dreamhunter features complementing contrasts and notable details that have investors and NFT enthusiasts going crazy! The lucky investors to purchase a piece from the Dreamhunter collection also receive a 4K video, a gif, poster, and avatar. This level of value and ability to cater to the desires of art lovers in a full-circle manner is what makes Levan an NFT artist to add to your list of favorites.

If you’re a dreamer who can tap into your imagination and truly experience art – not just see it, the Dreamhunter collection is for you. Dreamhunters are dreamverse creatures collecting and encapsulating the rarest dreams of mankind. This collection will not disappoint and definitely delivers a huge ROI with the addition of a 4K video, gif, poster, and avatar.

5.    NFT Murder – NFT Murder Project

NFT Murder is inspired by street art, cartoons, and surrealism – boasting neon colors, innovative concepts, and small details with an impactful delivery. Investors looking to brighten up their collection with digital art that is fun, expressive, and multi-dimensional the NFT Murder collection is for you.

 NFT Murder can be purchased on Foundation, OpenSea, and objkt. With thought leaders of the NFT community being drawn to the NFT Murder collection – now is the time to invest in this collection and own digital surrealism in a way only NFT Murder can deliver.

Now that we’ve uncovered the top 5 NFT artists you should know and invest in, which collection is your favorite and why?


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