Have you ever had a marketing campaign that wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped? Well, here’s how to turn that old content into new conversions – it’s called psychographic retargeting. Psychographic retargeting focuses on consumers’ purchasing habits based on their habits as well as their mental and emotional attributes. Imagine how effective your marketing content would be if you could literally enter the mind of your ideal audience. With psychographic retargeting, you can!

digital marketing expert can use psychographic profiles as the foundation for repurposing content and launch a high conversion retargeting campaign to send your conversion rates through the roof! Here are 5 ways to use repurposed content for psychographic retargeting.

1. Internal Data = Case Studies

There are several ways to present an engaging case study that does not include 17 pages of statistics and data that honestly bores the average reader. Using the psychographic data from your target audience take campaign results and transform them into a case study that your consumers will be drawn to and find interesting enough to consume and invest in your brand.

2. Testimonials = Social Media Content

How many people love your product, service, or brand? It doesn’t matter if you answered 3 people or 3,000 – use that positive feedback and word-of-mouth marketing to boost your social media. These people are ultimately your very own brand ambassadors. More importantly, they will attract more of your target audience because they will genuinely resonate with them.

3. Web Content = Video Content

The #1 marketing tool right now is videos. So, if you’re a little leery about repurposing marketing content, take what you currently present on your website and find a creative way to turn that content into engaging videos. A content marketing expert is a great resource to help with ideas and strategy, and will also be able to leverage the psychographic data of your audience to make even a 1 minute video impactful.

4. Old Blogs = New eBooks

Do you have blog content that you’ve never posted? What about the blog post that you assumed would perform well but didn’t receive enough engagement, so you labeled it as a failure? Work with a digital marketing expert to compile this information and create an informative eBook that will extend beyond your current audience and engage new eyes that lead to conversions.

5. Unsuccessful Email Campaigns = Converting Blogs

Not every email campaign is a winner. At times it’s the wrong time of year, in other instances one bad headline will deter potential consumers. The good news is you can take content from those low performing emails and construct a killer blog based on psychographic data and turn old campaigns into conversions.

For all of these strategies to be successful you first need to know the psychographic data of your specific audience. Then, all aspects of your retargeting campaign must speak to your audience based on the data found. Next, the campaign must be launched at the right time and in the proper segmentation to be effective. Connect with a digital marketing expert experienced in utilizing psychographic data to revamp your old marketing content and use it to tap into higher conversions.

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